Catalytic plant

The gaseous effluent, with the proper centrifugal ventilator, is send into the heat interchanger air/air for the heat up.
A automatic valve during the start up pro­vides ambient air.

• A gas burner provide to complete the warm up of the gases and maintain a con­stant inlet temperature (350-400 C).

• All the heat up, start up and operation procedures are controlled through a dedi­cated software
• The type of catalyst and his quantity is selected to guarantee the complete oxida­tion of the organic impurities, producing carbon dioxide and water.
• The catalyst requires lower temperature of exercise and shorter residence time for the oxidation to occur , minimizing the fuel consumption.
• The heat generated by the combustion reac­tion is recovered in the air/air interchanger and than in a second stage heat recovery system depending on the type of plant.

Why Catalytic Technology?

• Improved efficiency and consistency of treatment
• Flexibility of operation of the production lines coupled
• Longer life than alternative systems
• Lower maintenance
• Increased energy recovery
• High efficiency over time
• Rapid recovery of the expenditure of the catalyst
• Safety of treatment

• Elimination of odors
• Elimination S.O.V. (volatile organic compounds)
• Thermal Performance 60% ​​-70% by exchange of shell and tube heat
• Operating temperature: 350-400 ° C
• N° 1 burner installed
• Fuel consumption: 60 m3 / h
• Power consumption: 35.2 KW
• Possibility of replacement of the catalyst