Chlorine soda


The plant has the meaning to produce chlorine, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite, via brine electrolysis.

The three principal systems of the plant are:

1. Rectifying unit and electrolysis of the brine.
2. Brine preparations.
3. Sodium hypochlorite preparation.

The electrolysers, feed by direct current produced by the rectifier, produce, from the electrolysis of the sodium chlorure solution (NaCl), the following products:

- Chlorine that is used in Hypochlorite section
- Caustic soda mixed with exhaust brine (caustic liquor) that from the electrolysers, by gravity, is sent to the storage tanks
- Hydrogen that is produced in the catodic side of the electrolysers and is collected to the atmosphere.

THE PLANT cloro-soda
The increasing demand for on-site availability of limited quantities of chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen to be used directly in their form or converted to sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) and/or to hydrochloric acid solution , guided PFI to conceive and design small size electrodes bipolar electrolyzers to membrane and diaphragm able to match the market requirements.
Taking for granted that the membrane bipolar technology is the primary technology to be considered for above purpose the customers understand that the adoption of small size elementary cells assembled in a bipolar stack , compared to the large electrode (2,7 – 3.0 m² ) most used in traditional chlor-alkali plants , allows a lower investment ,even if more electrolysers are installed ,and grants a higher production flexibility.
That is why PFI provides customers with the unique modular membrane bipolar electrolyzer ELM 0.4 ,made in titanium and nickel , able to fulfil the customer needs for small complete plants for on site production of few tens of ton of chlorine per day .

This product represent the most advanced bipolar membrane technology for limited ,small or very small production capacities and is the “hearth” of the plant offered by the company..

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