Hydrogen oxygen units


The need for on-site availability of hydrogen, (i.e. in power station for the generator cooling) guided PFI to conceive and design bipolar electrolyzers able to match the customers’ requirements.

The plant has the meaning to produce hydrogen and oxygen (ratio 2:1), via water electrolysis. The principal systems of the plant are:
idrogeno ossigeno

1. Rectifying unit and water electrolysis.
2. Hydrogen/Oxygen low pressure storage.
3. Hydrogen/oxygen purification.
4. Hydrogen/oxygen high pressure storage.


Among the electrolysers the Double diaphragm cell is the most reliable and fail-safe. It is used for the production of hydrogen and oxygen in hazardous environment where extreme safety and reliability are requested (i.e. in power stations)
 Are commonly used where a capacity in the range of 1 to 200 nmc/h as hydrogen is requested.
 Our electrolysers, simple, heavy duty and easy to maintain are commonly used in the most critical environmental conditions.
 Those electrolysers comes from the most advanced, tested and experienced Italian technology in the electrochemical sector.

idrogeno ossigeno
The electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide at 280 g/l of concentration and is contained in the anodic and cathodic comparts, where respectively, oxygen and hydrogen are generated by water electrolysis, separated by a double diaphragm. The space in-between collect the gases, eventually passing through it, to the atmosphere.
Such configuration guarantee the highest level of gas purity and safety. In fact in case one diaphragm has been damaged, the passing gas is collected to the atmosphere avoiding the dangerous mixing with the other. The collector immediately show the failure permitting the operators’ intervention.

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