Chlorine soda plant

Sodium Hypochlorite Plant with new POLIRAMIX diaphragm POLIRAMIX

P.F.I. Impianti sas, Milano based company, is a well established company for the past 30 years, with business transactions being carried out in several countries around the world.
The company supply turnkey plants in the industrial field. The two main areas where our plants can be identified are: Air purification and Electrochemical plants.
With regard to the Electrochemical plants, since decades, we are collaborating with the giant of the electrochemistry, and probably the world leader in this field, Industrie De Nora S.p.a..
We are currently using their activated anodes and we are one of the company that are allowed to use their innovative, non asbestos, synthetic diaphragm with a commercial name of  Polyramix .

Polyramix diaphragm compared with the classic diaphragm technology(asbestos) has enormous advantages:

• Large adaptability to different brine qualities
• Lower energy consumption
• High strength sodium hypochlorite
• Can be washed in order to restore the original permeability
• Is harmless and environmental friendly, does not contain any restricted material

(For more details please  contact  Industrie De Nora S.p.a. at the e-mail address

Thanks to the
Polyramix diaphragm, P.F.I. developed an innovative vertical, modular electrolyser, based on the well known ELM membrane electrolyser basis, that finally permit the sodium hypochlorite production with a simple, reliable and user friendly configuration. The result is the possibility to produce on site small-medium (from 300 to 20.000 l/day) quantities of high strength sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine concentration from 100 to 145 g/l)!! Before, such results was possible to be achieved only adopting the membrane technology, with all the limitations and difficulties due to this delicate media.