Roto Concentrator plant

The type rotor concentrator is a temperature swing adsorption device, designed to continuously remove VOC from a low concentration air stream by adsorbing the VOC into a hydrophobic zoelite adsrobent and releasing the VOC into a small heated air stream for fur­ther treatment. The zeolite adsorbent is impregnated into a corrugated mineral fiber substrated, formed into a rotor.
The rotor is mounted on a shalf and bearings, and is rotate slowly in the air stream. As the rotor turns, it passes through sealed sectors, used for adsorp­tion, desorption and cooling.
Inlet process air is supplied to the system from ductwort. The process air contai­ning a low concentration of VOC enters the inlet plenum and passes through a particular filter, where excess dust and particulate is removed. From the inlet plenum the process air passed through the rotor, where VOC is adsorbed and cleaned air exits to the outlet plenum. From the outlet plenum the cleaned air is released to atmosphere through duct­work.
VOC is remove from the rotor by pas­sing a small stream of hot air through the rotor in the opposite direction of the process air. The rotor cools this stream as VOC is desorbed and exits as con­centrate at a temperature of about 50 – 60°C. Further treatment of the con­centrate is usually inceneration provi­ded.
The process air leaving the rotor as it emerges from the cooling sector is heated by the rotor and can be used as desorption air by further heating. This “cooling air” is approximately 75 – 100°C. The use of this preheated air may lower the overall energy con­sumption ofthe system.


Together with the smooth flow reversal through the rooms (without pressure fluctuations), this allows maximum operational reliability in all conditions and requires no maintenance. They shall also take an exclusive separation device, to the pressure chamber, between the stream to be purified entering the plant and purified outgoing. This device ensures the absence of leaks between the two flows.


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