Thermal-rigenerative plant

Gaseous effluent, with the proper centri¬fugal ventilator, is aspirate through ther¬mal regenerative plant.
This solution let the plant working in depression, eliminating the danger of pol­lution gaseous effluent and high tempera­ture escape.
• Every combustion chamber , loaded with the composite ceramic media, is used for preheat and cooling with a thermal efficiency about 93% ± 2%.  impianti-termici
• The composite ceramic media are better than traditional ceramic saddles, because reduce the pressure drop and the dimen­sion of the chamber.
• A gas burner provide to complete heat up of the gases and maintain a constant inlet temperature (760°/820°C).
This set guarantee the efficiency of depu­ration of the plant.


• Elimination of odors
• Elimination S.O.V. (volatile organic compounds)
• Thermal Performance 90% -95% using ceramic materials
• Operating temperature 760/820 ° C
• 2 burners installed to continue the treatment in the event of failure of one
• Fuel consumption: 30 m3 / h
• Power consumption: 37.5 KW
• Possibility of expansion system (twice the range with the addition of # 2 towers)

Total pressure drop maximum: 350mmH2O inlet air temperature to the fan: 100 ° C The presence of the double burner also ensures, in case of failure of one of the two, the normal operation of the plant.
The gaseous effluent to be purified remains at least 0.6 seconds at a temperature indicated, in addition to the residence time at high temperature on the masses ceramic composite.
The residence time was calculated for the respect of the guarantee abatement of the solvent present, with concentration out of the purifier under the terms of law, expressed as total organic carbon. The heat generated by the combustion reaction causes the gaseous effluent is located, downstream of the purification plant, at a temperature higher than the input of a value proportional allconcentrazione of organic solvent present in that moment.schema-termici

• By means of preheating through the saddles ceramics composite, is limited fuel consumption to the minimum values​​.
• The electro-instrumental framework of the system does this automatically for all start-up, operation and block. In particular is kept constant the temperature in the combustion chamber, parameter ensures that the removal efficiency of the purification plant.
• The temperature in the combustion chamber, together with the temperature out of the installation are continuously recorded.
• Our thermal plants regenerative composite ceramic materials, are also designed to make the thermal destruction of hazardous liquids. In some cases, when their concentration is sufficiently high, not only avoids the burden resulting from the costs of disposing of the same, but also it is not necessary to add external sources of energy (methane) for their thermal destruction.
• Our systems offer the possibility of expansion, thanks to the modularity of the same, from the nominal value to its double thanks to the addition of other 2 towers of heat exchange and consequent expansion of the combustion chamber.

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