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About Us

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P.F.I. was born in 1984 in a small Brianza's town from the idea of Mario Piccini and his sons, Claudio, Paolo and Daniele: creating a small family-run business of support and consulting services in the industrial field by combining mechanical, chemical and engeneering knowledge. By a team formed only by two people, our company has grown more and more by widening the margins of action which from national have become international. Today our team consists of 9 employees each of them with specific skills: a chemical process engineer, a mechanical engineer, a mechanical designer, an electromechanical engineer, 4 mechanical operators and an accounting officer for administrative management of the company. The two main areas where our plants can be identified are:

• Air purication plant such as the catalytic ones, the RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation) and the roto-concentrators.

• Electrochemical plants for the production of hydrogen/oxygen, chlorine/soda and the ones for the electrochlorination seawater.

We work inspired by the famous aphorism: “Materiam superabat opus” which means "the workmanship was better than the subject matter", usually translated as "the quality was better than the material”.


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Foundation year of our company


Inauguration of the first company headquarters


First structural enlargement and purchase of a new building


Second structural enlargement and relocation to the current headquarters


Our plants spread all over the world are designed and manufactured in accordance with the specific customer requirements and international standards applied. For each plant we guarantee everywhere the support of qualified personnel for the installation, commisioning, start-up, training by applying 3D modeling systems, local and remote monitoring, data logging and advanced man/machine interfaces.

Among our references there are national and international clients such as Snamprogetti, Vynils Italia, Polimeri Europa, Dow Poliuretani, Petrogal, Ansaldo Nucleare, Ineos, De Nora, ThyssenKrupp...

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