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Electrochlorination is the process of producing sodium hypochlorite by running an electric current through salt water. It is used to disinfect water in order to make it safe for human usage such as for drinking water or as practical system to eliminate the fouling in plants using seawater or spas/swimming pools where contaminants from people and the environment are constantly introduced. Our seawater electrochlorination systems use a simple and straight forward electrochlorination process combining three common consumables (salt, water and electricity) to generate a disinfecting agent. Seawater electrochlorination eliminates the storage, handling and purchase of hazardous chemicals.

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On site electrochemical hypochlorite generator operation is based upon the hydrolysis of a sodium chlorite solution (sea water or water containing added NaCl) operated inside an electrochemical cell properly designed and electrically powered.
Basically a NaCl solution (seawater or brine) flows into a chamber containing one or more anode- cathode pairs made of proper material, where a series of reaction take place, which can be summarized in the following stoichiometry of hypochlorite formtion:


The salt cell is simply fitted to the plumbing of your pool between the filter. Through the process of electrolysis the units convert salt to sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). When the chlorine has completed its work on cleaning your pool water, it reforms back into salt. It does not use up any salt through this process. The advantages of salt in swimming pools, apart from the sanitizing effect are the pleasantness of the water, lack of red eyes from prolonged bathing, convenience, lower chemical costs and the fact that asthma and high fever sufferers can now swim in and under water without adverse symptoms. According to the needs of various sizes of the pools we have created various models of cells: our products range from 10 g/h up to 100 g/h but we can design cells according to the needs of the customers.

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